New Paradigm Education is here to help shift the cultural perception and practice of education by inspiring the pursuit of lifelong learning.  The objectives of the associated charitable trust are as follows:

  • To serve humanity in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.
  • To provide educational services to the maximum number of people.
  • To highlight the possibility of a peaceful and abundant future for humanity.
  • To support all members of the community in the process of lifelong learning.
  • To create and model new learning environments.

The organisation helps to establish learning environments where everyone is engaged with personal and collective research by effectively creating educational ‘temples’ where the pursuit of truth is seen as the highest possible endeavour.  New Paradigm Education serves as an innovative model and positive force for both personal and social transformation.

Having created an initial project in the heart of Brighton called HOME where free or low-cost education was provided to hundreds of users, New Paradigm Education is looking at alternative sites for the next centre for learning, a real world ‘Genius Project‘ that can support a greater number of people in the enormous adventure of making the transition to a new, healthier paradigm for humanity.