Further Detail

In order to fulfil the vision of a truly evolutionary educational environment, the people who live and work at HOME must be willing to re-examine every aspect of life.

Clearly, this venture promises a fantastic way of life for the participants and consequently New Paradigm Education is only seeking those individuals who have a commitment to ongoing personal development and research.

This page explores the nitty gritty of the subjects that may present key challenges in the forming of a strong project that is clearly focused on its desired outcomes:



It is possible that HOME could be an example of a chartered city?  A concept increasingly forwarded and currently being popularised as a solution to future urban developments.

Where an educational institution dedicated to a global paradigm shift is to be dedicated to the pursuit of truth, it must challenge common falsehoods and presumptions including compliance to external ‘authorities’.

Free of any such obligations, HOME is able to concentrate 100% of its time, energy, attention and resources into catalysing positive social change leading towards the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible. Great inspiration is drawn from Patch Adams and his work.



The primary means for the project to ‘communicate with itself’ and to develop trust amongst participants is the Forum, a proven method for maintaining cohesion.




The individual must always remain sovereign and not subservient to the group. Equally, the individual is asked be responsive to feedback when their actions are at odds with the needs of others.



In numerous studies into the causes for community breakdown, nothing ranks higher than the conflicts that arise out of the domain of love and sexual relationships.  This is the greatest challenge to be faced long-term and fortunately there are examples where the powerful forces of attraction have been transmuted in healthy ways.  All participants agree to embody the principles of Truth, Trust and Transparency in the name of the good of all beings. Consideration is encouraged and commitment to inter-personal development required. Creating a culture of trust is the goal.



Rule 1 – There are no rules.

Rule 2 – There are always exceptions.

Every situation is to be seen on its own merits. The tone of the enterprise is one of tolerance and understanding where it is taken for granted that exceptions exist to every rule. There are conventions, intentions and agreements but nothing is written in stone and everything is grounded in the process of research, there must be experimentation in order to have learning, mistakes must be made.  Of course, the project does not escape the principles or application of contract law, common-law or natural law… where ‘do no harm’ is the whole of the Law.



Each participant using the facility signs a disclaimer to accept total responsibility for their personal welfare.  All involvement is at one’s own risk.  This policy eradicates the need for insurance which has been demonstrated by Patch Adams.



Children sleep best where they can feel nature and their community alive around them.  The location promotes music tolerance and respect for noise, engendering a musical atmosphere that is friendly and inviting rather than restrictive and foreboding, although the appreciation for silence is also paramount.  All night celebrations occur twice a year on the solstices when surplus noise is expected and music is encouraged.



In part inspired by Griefwalker and Stephen Jenksinson’s Orphan Wisdom, as well as countless other traditions and visionaries who spoke clearly on the subject including Alan Watts, it is clear that life is truly celebrated when regarded as inextricably entwined with death and that a well-lived life recognises this connection.   Most people would like to die at home, surrounded by loved ones, an experience disturbingly uncommon in the modern world.  One of the objects is to create an environment where the end of life can find meaning in the context of life.  The goal is to create a network of HOMEs where people will always be able to live out their lives safely on the land, working towards a peaceful expression of human life… moving towards a beautiful death… surrounded by people they know well… as they continue to celebrate life.  Shifting inherited perspectives on this subject is fundamental to HOME.  Viewed as a celebration of life, death is integrated into of all the activities of the enterprise. A small section of the facility is offered to terminal patients who choose to come and pass away in a healthy, inspiring environment.



Like many traditions and indigenous communities, HOME views illness as more than a personal matter.  The individual is understood to be experiencing blocked energies that relate to the community/planet as a whole.  As everyone shares these concerns together a deeper, more compassionate and more profound solution can be achieved.  Although illness is a part of life that may not be avoided entirely, a more healthy relationship with this process can be developed.



Sustained, habitual use of substances is discouraged.  Abuse can create toxic issues for the collective so addictions, like illnesses, are not a private matter.  Compassionately understood as a problem shared by the community, they are viewed as symptomatic of wider issues and addressed as an act of service to the whole. Medicinal use of natural substances is understood as part of any healing process or open research project.



All internet connections require wired access to minimise microwave radiation.



Each day features moments that afford everyone the opportunity to come into alignment through silence, music, dance, poetry or whatever other means the focali$er is inspired to employ.