Maths Market

An ingenious tool devised by one of our consultants to engage everyone, without exception, in the exploration of maths.   All young people are turned on by money and this is a fully immersive trading game where participants can buy or sell anything they like using money they print themselves, issued by a bank, into this mini economy where every aspect of mathematics can be studied in the context of the game.  Frantic periods of trading are balanced with periods of quiet reflection and accounting.  You will never have seen a mathematics lesson like it.  Once involved with the game and invested in seeing how it progresses, this is a maths lesson students will never want to miss.

An open ended experiment with number, this game can be adapted to explore any given aspect of the curriculum from algebra, geometry and trigonometry to statistics, quadratic equations and differentiation.

Enabling students to see how real world issues develop, what brings the game to life is seeing how the workings of the world’s economy developed right before their eyes.  Participants get to see how the creation of money affects everybody, how interest rates  play a role, how the entire banking system operates.