ArtMath is a project offered by New Paradigm Education to help increase the understanding of Mathematics and improve the levels of student engagement.  The geometrical decoration of windows or walls within your establishment becomes the focus for a group of students offering them an opportunity to explore the innate connection between mathematics and the aesthetic arts.  Geometry, one of the seven liberal arts of classic education, is the meeting point of architecture and design, engineering and embroidery, form and surface.  This thrilling project will excite anyone, even the most resistant students; ardent cries of “I hate maths” will simply melt into the background, as will the voices that say “I’m not artistic” or “I’m not creative.”

The practice of geometry presents students with all sorts of skills embedded into a single activity from fine motor skills, patience and mindfulness, to abstract reason, logical progressions, number, trigonometry, calculus, colour theory, minimalism, frequency analysis, religious studies, philosophy, the list goes on.

This course can be tailored to any number of students, any age, any duration, and adapted to highlight any other curriculum areas that might want to be incorporated into the project.  This is an excellent opportunity for a collaborative effort that will offer an impressive feature to your school or college that visitors and parents won’t fail to be impressed by.

Images below are taken from the Iranian mosque Nasir Al-Mulk and demonstrate what is possible:

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