British Culture Studies

This project was developed with foreign students in mind who were seeking a deeper understanding of British culture than could be gleaned from the standard visits to tourist sites and landmarks.  It is currently bringing a number of different schools together in a partnership programme in Brighton.

Whether it be music, art, literature, theatre, film or other phenomena, British popular culture continues to drive trends that are mirrored around the world and whose relevance or meaning can be hard to ascertain without a more in-depth exploration of the cultural context and the narratives driving these products, events and occurrences.

Tracing the origins of popular phenomena and unravelling the threads that come together to form these sometimes bewildering happenings, we consider all forms of media including the artwork of people like Banksy, Tracey Emin, Damien Hurst, writers like Irving Welsh, Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, music genres like dub step, indie or drum and bass.

Here’s an old poster:British Cultural Studies