Feeling French

This course is an all-round tool for boosting confidence and expression, not simply an exercise in building vocabulary or improving delivery of French itself.  Beginning with an exploration of the purpose of communication, its effects on brain function and abstract thought, it is possible to engage the interest of students to a degree that is rarely observed in classrooms.  By exploring sign language and increasing body language awareness, it is possible to initiate high levels of engagement and fun.

By employing physical games, an embodied usage of the language is garnered which can then be developed by forming student-led projects to fulfil particular objectives.

Having created multiple French immersion environments including Salut Les Petits and Little England Petite France, as well as offering work experience for teenagers, New Paradigm Education brings a lot of experience to draw upon and new ideas to engage students in direct and powerful ways, tricking them into using language, demonstrating how they can communicate effectively to a degree they never imagined they could.