Practical Magic

A project title chosen especially to draw the attention of the Hogwart’s generation.  By looking at the subject of communication from the perspective of magical spells, this is an intriguing and effective means of engaging young minds in examining the use of language.

We spell our words… because words are spells… and the power of language is vastly underestimated.

Also known as a Practical Guide to Contemporary Magic, this exploration of linguistic effects keeps even the most sceptical student riveted as they discover the potential of written and verbal communication.

Exploring the implications of how we use language and the effect our sentences can have, this course will encourage absolutely everyone to examine the impact of how we use words and offer enlightening techniques that can improve our ability to get what we want out of life.

Effectively a course where we develop letter writing skills and how to form requests, it offers ways which enable us to achieve the outcomes we desire, this is an ideal way of improving grammar, vocabulary and creative writing skills.