Private Tuition

New Paradigm Education can offer personalised private tuition to help students get a firm grip on their subject and deepen their understanding.  We also specialise in offering mentorship to young people in their own learning journey.

We specialise in locating the genius that resides in everyone, connecting people with a passion for learning and away from a desire to be spoon-fed.  We prefer to think of ourselves as offering a form of mentorship as opposed to traditional teaching methods.

Languages  French, English, Spanish, German, British Sign Language, Compassionate (Non Violent) Communication.

Technology  Graphic Design, Music/Video Production, Website Design, Desktop Publishing, Computer Skills.

Arts  Dance, Poetry, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Fine Arts, Instrument Tuition, Graffiti Projects.

Life Skills  Maths, Law, Finance, Nutrition, Cuisine, Gardening, Exercise, Creativity, Project Management.