New Paradigm Education is seeking to support forward-thinking mainstream schools with consultancy around how to incorporate new teaching techniques into everyday teaching practice.  By inspiring the student body and teachers with presentations, assemblies and one-off projects, we can rapidly demonstrate how to improve the general level of student engagement with their individual learning journeys and especially the core subjects of Maths and English.  We are also offering a range of other services designed to support schools in making the incremental yet fundamental changes necessary to equip students for the rapidly shifting environment of the modern world.  We are particularly enthusiastic about helping schools to implement the SOLE environments highlighted in this £1,000,000 prize-winning TED talk by Sugata Mitra:

As Sir Ken Robinson points out in his inspiring talks below, there is an urgent need to remodel educational practices but many schools struggle to see how this can be practically achieved given the constraints of their budgets and the curriculum.  New Paradigm Education can give practical support and insight into how these changes can be made.