Story Telling


Stories are an incomparable means of transmitting ideas and we have a whole repertoire and our specialist Mr Power has the ability to play the drum whilst spontaneously inventing stories as he goes.  Also able to write engaging narratives to highlight any particular topic you may have in mind, popular themes for schools are bullying, writing, listening to adults, learning attitudes as well as common events like Easter and Xmas.

Using an African drum called a djembe (which is often introduced as a form of spaceship capable of transporting us to anywhere in time or space), inspiring stories are told to a musical backdrop which never fails to focus the attention of a group, successful with all ages.  Each story begins with a moment of silence and is followed by a thoughtful moment of mindfulness, a quiet opportunity for reflection where the session is concluded with a shared exploration into the moral of the story.  We have stories of every kind and can adapt the service to your needs.

A typical day in a school: we come and tell a story during assembly and then visit a number of classes during the course of the day to offer sessions ranging from 10 minutes to one hour.  It is possible to visit all classes in a medium sized primary school during the course of a day.  We also love to go deeper into the use of English using the initial storytelling as a ‘trojan horse’ for some in-depth learning.

eg.  Over two days Mr Power worked in a school where the topic of the moment was ‘Superheroes” working with three different teachers:

“The children were transported to a colourful imaginary world, they were enthralled.”

Mrs Clay, Bevendean Primary School

“We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story.  The children were really engaged and I was surprised by how much detail the children had remembered afterwards.”

Miss Wiseman, Bevendean Primary School

“The children LOVED hearing all about superheroes in this special way, they were completely enthralled!”

Miss Edwards, Bevendean Primary School