Roedean is pleased to be able to provide this testimonial.

Ian’s technical skill is first-class as are his skills as a leader and organiser.  He very quickly recognised where there were gaps in the structure of the programme that the school had prepared and was instrumental in bringing together a team of assistants who were able to enrich the whole experience for the children concerned.

Not only did Ian run his own workshops with enormous enthusiasm, energy, skill and vision, but he also played a leading role in bringing together all the other workshops into a cohesive whole.

As a colleague, Ian is also outstanding.  His personal integrity is first-class.  His humour, goodwill and enthusiasm are infectious and make you feel that everything is possible and achievable.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ian to you.  He will be an enormous asset to your organisation.  We also hope that he will have the opportunity of helping us at Roedean again very soon.

R Blye
Development Manager, Roedean Independent School, East Sussex, UK.

Ian Powell is a superb and engaging communicator, both in writing, 1-2-1 and
group settings.  He uses a mindful discipline in his communication that
enables highly effective interaction in almost any situation or context.

He has demonstrated to me on numerous occasions developed qualities of
empathy, insight, compassion, incisiveness, tenacity and a willingness to
deal with difficult subjects, and difficulties, head on, and with a quest
for a positive outcome.

He is a very-much-alive, honest and motivated individual, with an incredibly
agile and interested mind that brings life to subjects in both scope and
context.  I consider him an ideal candidate for any teaching situation as
his ability to connect and engage with any age group, with appropriate and
measured equality/authority, is noteworthy.

Christopher Deojee, Alternative Answers.

The following testimonials came after the closure of our first educational environment… HOME.

“Well done Ian for doing what you did. I certainly have very fond memories of coming around and making music and laughter.”

“I enjoyed our early morning yoga sessions back in the early days…and have been inspired to see your developments since…”

“Thank you for all you offered Ian. For sharing yourself, your space, your home and your vision. I learned and grew a lot on my journey of transformation and shared beautiful connections with many. Being able to be and be witnessed is a powerful natural thing which empowers. I felt this at HOME. Thank you. Also, Alex Catchpole’s food workshop was a highlight for me.”

“Bless you… all those who created the community and energy and experiences that will ripple on outwards in many ways.”

“You have achieved much… Thank you for all you have done to move towards this place of togetherness. I am sure you have laid great foundations for new ventures to blossom.”

“You aimed admirably high… and I reckon the list of achievements will be the abiding memory. Good work.”

“Lots of love… very grateful for so much of your heart for this beautiful vision… and putting into practice that ‘stuff’ that many of us have so far only managed mainly to only talk about….”

“Quantum science has proven everything is connected and everything we do / say / feel / think / effects the whole – so just remember the wonderful / positive effect you and crew have had on everyone and everything on the planet to (not just at HOME)…. much love and light and thank you for sharing.”